A CIMPA School on

Complex Analysis, Geometry and Dynamics

Urgench State University, Urgench, Uzbekistan

National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

October 25 —November 6, 2021

The training offer is divided into 4 introductory courses, 3 advanced courses and 2 groups of training sessions. The first introductory course is intended to teach some basic material in complex analysis of several variables upon which all the other courses will build.

The three main themes of this school are interrelated and each of them is first treated in an introductory course that provides the basic notions, ideas and techniques of the subject, and then is given an in-depth illustration through recent results at the forefront of current research in pluripotential theory, with geometric applications, in Kaehler and non-Kaehler complex geometry and, respectively, in complex dynamical systems. The planned training sessions are intended to present further examples and exercises illustrating the themes covered in the courses.

Introductory courses

  • Course 1:
    Introduction to Complex Analysis in Several Variables

  • Course 2:
    Introduction to Pluripotential Theory

  • Course 3:
    Introduction to Hodge Theory

  • Course 4:
    Introduction to Complex Dynamics

Advanced courses

  • Course 1:
    Complex Monge-Ampère Flows and Singular Kähler-Einstein Metrics

  • Course 2:
    Real and Complex Brunn-Minkowski Theory

  • Course 3:
    Dynamics in several complex variables
Training sessions
Session 1 Session 2
Applications of Pluripotential Theory to Geometry Applications of Hodge Theory to Deformations of Complex Structures