A CIMPA School on

Complex Analysis, Geometry and Dynamics

Urgench State University, Urgench, Uzbekistan

National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

October 25—November 6, 2021

and workshop

Trends in Complex Geometry

Khorezm Mamun Academy, Khiva, Uzbekistan

October 30-31, 2021.

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This school aims at providing the interested graduate students, at both a pre-doctoral and a doctoral level, from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries, with the basic notions and some recent ideas and techniques at an advanced stage of current research in a wide spectrum of themes from classical complex analysis, pluripotential theory, geometry of compact complex manifolds and holomorphic dynamics.

Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee

  • Berndtsson Bo (Chalmers and University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

  • Sadullaev Azimbay (National University of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan)

  • Marco Laura (Northwestern University, United States of America)

  • Fino Anna Maria (Università di Torino, Italy)

  • Myslivets Simona (Syberian Federal University, Russia)



  • Madjidov Inom (National University of Uzbekistan)

  • Abdullaev Bakhrom (Urgench State University, Uzbekistan)

  • Vaisova Mokhira(Urgench State University, Uzbekistan)

  • Zeriahi Akmed (Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, France)

  • Popovici Dan (Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, France)

  • Baltaeva Umida (Urgench State University and Khorezm Mamun Academy, Uzbekistan)


Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID - 19), the organizers of the CIMPA School and the workshop announced a new date for the events, which is October 25 – November 6, 2021 in Uzbekistan.

The deadline of registration to the CIMPA school has been extended until September 20th, 2021.